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Send, exchange and receive digital currencies

With ZumoKit you can allow your customers to use digital currencies for everyday purposes.

ZumoKit allows your customers to benefit from low cost, traceable, transparent and efficient payments by allowing them to send and receive digital currencies.

Our pre-built solution includes apps, desktop solutions and payment gateways - all ready to be used by your chosen digital currency. With ZumoKit, your customers can immediately use digital currencies for peer to peer, cross-border and retail payments.

Allow your users to send and receive digital currencies

With our variety of blockchain solutions, your customers can send and receive any type of digital currency.

Enjoy real time, cheap cross border payments

With digital currencies, transfers happen at a fraction of the time and for a fraction of the cost.

Offer cheaper, real-time payment solutions

Digital currencies allow for cheaper and are transferred in real time.

Maintain the sovereignty of your country’s currency

Offer a better money management user experience; one that doesn’t require private issued currencies and maintains the sovereignty of your country’s currency.

Reduce risk

Digital currencies are traceable, transparent and efficient.

Gain a competitive advantage

Individuals and businesses are buying more crypto than ever before. Offering a digital currency solution allows you to stand out and gain a competitive advantage.

Use use case

A central bank wants to trial the roll out of a digital currency at a retail level so people can enjoy the benefits of digital currencies.

With the apps and desktop solutions already rolled out for adoption (link to other page), these tools can now be used to allow customers to easily send and receive money.

Businesses can implement payment gateway solutions to simplify payments. Organisations can use the Zumo currency interchange to enable cross border transactions at low cost and high speed.

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