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ZumoKit - Built for the new economy

ZumoKit is a Crypto as a Service platform that helps your business meet the needs of modern consumers.

Our solution allows Fintechs, Banks and Payment Providers to connect to the blockchain, adopt digital and crypto currency solutions and profit from decentralisation.

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China is rolling out a digital yuan. Square holds $400M worth of Bitcoin. Last year there was a 43% increase of customers holding digital currencies.

Digital and crypto currencies are becoming the new normal right before our eyes. With ZumoKit, we help you thrive in the new economy by:

- Connecting to a blockchain network that meets your needs.
- Adopting the tools that allow your customers to securely buy and hold digital currencies.
- Using digital currencies for everyday purposes to maximise their benefits.

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Connect to any blockchain

We're blockchain agnostic; meaning you can connect to any blockchain and any digital currency from well established cryptocurrencies to self-established stablecoins.

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Launch the tools required to adopt digital currencies

Integrate a decentralised wallet with your platform and provide the ability to buy and sell digital currencies and support their widespread adoption.

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Allow your customers to use digital currencies for everyday purposes

Allow your customers to send, receive and spend digital currencies so they can reap the benefits of low cost, high speed, borderless payments.

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Connect to any blockchain system

Connect to any blockchain and operate with any digital currencies, whether they’re cryptocurrencies to self-established stablecoins.


Integrate a decentralised wallet onto your platform so your users can start buying, selling and storing digital and crypto currencies.


Allow your customers to buy, sell, store and use digital currencies for peer to peer payments, cross border payments and online purchases.

Use cases

A remittance provider wants to allow its customers to send payments to developing countries

As a remittance provider, you’re constantly looking for ways to reduce the cost of sending payments across borders. With digital currencies, you can enable cross border payments for a fraction of the cost and at a faster rate.

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A fintech company wants to add new revenue streams

As a fintech company you’re likely looking for new ways to diversify your portfolio and engage your customers. With our digital currency exchange and wallets you can allow your customers to invest, hold and spend any digital currency. 

A country wants its citizens to use secure digital currencies

As a central bank, you’ve decided you want to trial the rollout of a digital currency at a retail level so your customers can enjoy their benefits. With our go-to-market expertise and payment solutions, we can: 

- Offer an introduction to and recommendations of blockchains suitable for CBDCs
- Connect you with the blockchain that best fits your requirements
- Provide you with our apps, desktop solutions and payment gateways
- Offer expertise honed in the UK and Europe to enable a swift and stable adoption of digital currencies across your country

120$ / month

This plan is suitable for the beginner IT specialist and will allow you to familiarize yourself with all the main functions of the service.

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