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of Bitcoin SV (BSV) in Zumo’s crypto giveaway

Good things can happen when you join the smart money revolution

The Epic 10k giveaway

 We’re celebrating the arrival of Bitcoin SV (BSV) on our platform with an epic £10k giveaway. 

BSV is the third cryptocurrency that can be held using our non-custodial wallet. It joins Bitcoin and Ether, the world’s top two cryptocurrencies.  

 At Zumo we’re dedicated to helping people get comfortable with crypto. We’re proud of our straight-forward, easy to use wallet that has already helped tens of thousands of people join the smart money revolution. After all, crypto no longer needs to be cryptic.  

Which is why we’re planning to give away a lot of money to one lucky person who takes the first step on their crypto journey.  

To be in for a chance to win £10k worth of BSV, all you need to do is:

Sign up to Zumo
pass ID verification
make a £1 deposit

Between 25th June 2021 and 26th July 2021.

 The full terms and conditions of the giveaway can be found at the bottom of this page.   

The giveaway runs from 25th June 2021 to 26th July 2021. The winner will be announced within 30 days of the promotion ending, and will be contacted via email with full details of how to claim their prize.  

BSV was formed by a fork from Bitcoin Cash in 2018. To find out more about forks and BSV in general, make sure you read our beginner’s guide to Bitcoin forks

What is BSV?

BSV (Bitcoin Satoshi Vision) is a derivative of Bitcoin Cash, which is itself a derivative of Bitcoin. It uses essentially the same blockchain, with some amendments that have targeted the dual benefits of cheaper transaction fees and increased transaction capacity. 

The name comes from its supporters’ belief that BSV aligns with the original vision of Satoshi Nakamoto, who first published the paper explaining Bitcoin.

Bitcoin has inspired the creation of many different altcoins, which is the name for cryptocurrencies that aren’t Bitcoin.

BSV was founded by a “fork” from the altcoin Bitcoin Cash in 2018. A fork means that a new blockchain is formed from a pre-existing one. Once a fork has occurred, the resulting cryptocurrency may have different rules or functions. 

At its creation, one token of BSV was worth roughly £45. In 2021, its price hit a high of nearly £300.

BSV aims to scale transaction capacity and allow fast, cheap payments and transfers to be made across the world. One prominent supporter, the Bitcoin Association’s Ella Qiang, believes that BSV has the scaling capacity to satisfy “serious business” needs. 

With larger blocks and improved transaction speed, it’s hoped BSV will grow into a global payments, transfer and data network.

If you’re looking for more information on Bitcoin SV, take a look at our guide to understanding BSV and its benefits.

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