A new global economy is emerging. It’s borderless and inclusive.

Smart money is here to stay. When 77% of millennials believe that the traditional financial system is built to favour the rich and powerful it’s time to create a new system. By breaking borders and giving consumers seamless ownership and control of their money we are creating a new fiscal democracy.

Zumo Smart worker
Zumo Smart worker

Smart money is here to stay

1.7bn adults remain unbanked and without access to modern financial services. Zumo will bring the benefits of cryptocurrencies and blockchain to people everywhere. Zumo is accessible, inclusive and useful to users across the globe regardless of their individual financial circumstance or geographic location.

We will make the interaction between crypto and traditional currency a trusted and integral part of everyday financial life.

Some ideas are so powerful they change the world

Zumo - a revolutionary new way to use money. When we say revolutionary, we mean it. Zumo’s not elitist. It’s not exclusive. It’s not only for the one percent. Zumo is for everyone. It’s how money should be.

Zumo Team

Our Values

Zumo is accessible to everyone everywhere.

We believe that the benefits of crypto & blockchain are for everyone.

Our decision making is founded on the balance between people, profit and planet.
The technology that we build has usability and security at its core.

We seek to make the complex seem simple. We don’t use jargon.
We bring our A game to work every day. We believe great productivity comes from a tranquil environment.

We give feedback in a respectful way.
We do not take the easy path unless it is the right one.We are constantly exploring to find the best way.

We accept failure as part of the road to success

Liberate your money