Zumo’s Environmental Policy

Living Our Values

A group of people around the world
Zumo is a fully decentralized, blockchain based, mobile wallet and payments platform that makes traditional and crypto money work seamlessly and safely for everyone. We're on a mission to radically improve the security, cost and speed of payments for the benefit of people everywhere.
As a values-driven start-up company, we are based in Edinburgh but have a global reach. We are still small, but we aim high.
Zumo works alongside WasteAid, a small charity that shares waste management and recycling skills in the world’s poorest places. We will support WasteAid in its incredible work in helping to fight poverty, pollution and climate change, and our goal is to give our customers the opportunity to make micro-donations with every transaction.
Our values are at the core of the company and they inform everything that we do. We believe that transformational change is required, and we want to be part of that change.

In line with our values we will

Unshakeable Commitment
As a minimum, protect the environment, prevent pollution, and meet our compliance obligations. We will do this through careful selection of suppliers, partners and products, using circular economy principles, and low carbon options where possible.
Set ambitious objectives and targets that challenge us on the areas over which we have direct control and challenge our suppliers, partners and users on the areas over which we have influence.
In the face of a climate emergency, aim for net zero scope 1 and 2 carbon emissions from the inception of the company. We will screen our Scope 3 emissions and develop an ambitious target that also includes these.
Inclusion Inspires
Seek to ensure that our decisions and actions benefit people and planet.
Involve all employees in decision-making and encourage our staff to help us to push boundaries.
Further nurture and develop our WasteAid partnership, including supporting the development of projects in countries in which we have a presence.
Transparency Wins
Act in support of achieving the Sustainable Development Goals, reinforcing our commitment to these by being a signatory to the UN Global Compact.
Work towards achieving B Corps certification to challenge us further and to provide transparency through a trusted 3rd party certification.
Love the Adventure
Seek to push boundaries. Zumo’s direct environmental impact is currently limited, but the energy use and carbon impact of the blockchain is significant. We will investigate ways in which we can influence this.
Name: Nick Jones
Position: CEO, Founder
Date: 20/07/2020
Name: Paul Roach
Position: CPO, Founder
Date: 20/07/2020