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ZumoKit is a fully decentralised, non custodial cryptocurrency wallet SDK for integration with existing projects. ZumoKit supports multi-chain implementations.

Our SDK saves thousands of hours in development time and allows seamless integration with existing software.

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Easy Installation

ZumoKit can be installed as an add-on to your existing payment options or you can create an entirely new transaction gateway distributed using blockchain technology.

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Fully secure

ZumoKit is built to comply with industry security standards without compromising the usability and overall experience for end users and developers.

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Multi User Model

ZumoKit is integrated on top of your existing application and allows you to securely manage your user’s blockchain identity. Users have ownership over their individual wallets and can easily transfer money on and off platform.

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Blockchain integration

Easily integrate with blockchain technology and gain the benefits a decentralised infrastructure - no single point of control, no single point of failure.Get started immediately with the ZumoKit Sandbox.

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ZumoKit for Enterprise

Zumo is ideal for offering cryptocurrency management so we’ve created easy solutions for crypto asset management for enterprise clients. To schedule a call with us and learn more, contact us here