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The wallet and payments platform that makes your money and cryptocurrency work seamlessly and safely together

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How Zumo Works

Our blockchain powered smart wallet gives people the safest and simplest way to buy, store, send and spend cryptocurrencies and traditional money.


Zumo is the simplest way to invest in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ether


Zumo is the safest way to store and access your cryptocurrencies on the blockchain


Zumo is the fastest and most secure way to send cryptocurrencies to your friends and family


Zumo is easiest and quickest way to convert cryptocurrencies into ordinary money


Zumo is the easiest way to spend digital assets with our convertible debit card

The convertible debit card lets you spend cryptocurrency like traditional money

Zumo’s “Convertible Debit Card” will be available in early 2021 to all UK customers enabling you to make your cryptocurrency instantly spendable in everyday situations.

The future of money is secure

Our world leading storage technology gives you peace of mind that your funds are secure yet instantly accessible.

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Your money, in your hands

Zumo is simple and easy to use. Here's how it works:

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Download free from Google Play or the App Store
Choose your Zumo ID
You now have an ultra-secure ID and digital wallet
Start a transaction
Add, send, request and spend crypto when and where you like

Free international peer to peer payments

Easily send crypto currencies to anyone, anywhere in the world, from one powerful app

Lowest possible fees

A flat 0.5% exchange fee that will make you really smile

We’re on a mission to make buying and selling cryptocurrencies cost less for everyone. We promise to keep our fees as low as we possibly can - all while ensuring you are in control of your assets.

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Make Zumo your own

The world is a colourful place. Show your friends and family who you are by customising your profile so they know it’s you

Crypto on the go

Zumo's convertible debit card will let you spend cryptocurrency like traditional money, anywhere

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